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I s abella Caposano

"Every woman deserves to wear a dream"

The Isabella Caposano Atelier was created to welcome the dreams of the most elegant and intuitive women. Our creations, made by hand from only the finest fabrics, have all been inspired by Isabella’s vision and her great passion for art. 


One source of profound inspiration is the painting by the early twentieth century portrait artist, Giovanni Boldini, who would paint Parisian noble-women dressed in the most romantic, sensual dresses imaginable.

Thus, the seemingly lost desire for romance has yet again found its form in gowns which are worthy of princesses, created to magically dress special occasions and such unique moments as might be a wedding day, or a ball, and to make them so much more.

A t elier

The Maison Isabella Caposano, based in Pescara, Italy, is named after her founder and was inspired not only by her passion for art and haute couture, but also by her sincere desire to make women's dreams come true. 

Our exclusive creations are born from vivid imagination and grow to suit your personal tastes through our fundamental approach to personalization, our great passion for our calling and our unwavering dedication to even the tiniest details. 

Shape and form are woven harmoniously together in the very finest fabrics, all of which are embellished with eye-catching decoration and converge splendidly to grant you such exquisite experiences.

W here your dreams come true.

Isabella Caposano’s Atelier, surrounded as it is by the calm waters of the Adriatic and shilled by the Italian Apennine Mountains, is the home of inspiration. 

You will be welcomed, into the light of our Atelier, embraced and enveloped by precious fabrics, personalized designs, which all combine to enhance everything which makes you exceptional. 

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