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Haute Couture

Isabella Caposano Haute Couture entails absolute attention to every detail. Silk itself combines the flair and refinement, which characterizes our designs. 

As if in a dream, each project follows that golden thread which is able to combine innovation and expertise in perfect, harmonious creation.


The intimate fusion of the dress with the woman’s personality enriches every moment it is being worn.

Not only does it express joy, harmony, elegance and seduction, but also becomes so simple and natural.

Material Qualities

Our exclusive dresses use only the finest quality materials and are embellished with lace, embroidery and decorative elements passed dawn by generations of experts Italian tailors. 

The Heart of Expression

A dress tells the story of a woman’s choice and passion, and of the love and care that goes into its conception. The exquisite moment of creation bears the fruit of a dream that will last forever.

Our Staff
at your Service

All of our personnel work in harmonious synergy towards our common goal – creating the finest articles of clothing imaginable for every woman.

Pattern & Style

Exclusive gowns to be worn with ease, comfort and elegance, cut in such a way that form and movement reveal and match our innermost dreams and desires. 

Every woman deserves to wear her dream.
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